6 days
Spring, Winter


The ski touring raid: Ecrin summits is a 6-day raid through the Ecrins massif with ascent of 4 beautiful peaks of the massif: la Grande Ruine, le Pic de Neige Cordier, la pointe de Roche Faurio and les Agneaux. The landscapes are grandiose and wild, the people very welcoming.

Download the information file and the equipment checklist

2021 Dates

From the end of March to the beginning of May depending on the snow conditions.

Max. 4 people per guide. Guaranteed departure in group sessions from 4 subscriptions. You’ll be supervised by a mountain guide.

2021 Rates

If you are alone or a small group and you’d like to benefit the lowest rate, you can opt for a group session. If you prefer to stay in your private group you can choose the private formula.

Price of the group session  : 1135€ / person

Price of the private session  : 

1 participant : 3195€
2 participants : 1850€ / personne
3 participants : 1385€ / personne
4 participants : 1445€ / personne
5 participants : 1575€ / personne
6 participants : 1385€ / personne

* The price includes

  • Supervision by a mountain guide
  • Half-board in the huts
  • Picknicks

* The price does not include

  • Drinks, cereal bars and other personal expenses
  • your personal insurance
  • your ski equipment
  • transportation to the starting point
  • everything that isn’t mentioned in “the price includes”

Technical and physical level

For good skiers in good physical shape. Passes and summits with technical difficulties. You need to have some experience in skitouring. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the required level. You will progress on an unmarked high-altitude mountain route, you will then have to know the dangers linked to that activity (cracks, seracfalls, rockfalls, avalanches, very low temperatures).

Our assets

  • We take the bare minimum of picknicks in the backpacks, we order them in the huts.
  • Water in the huts included
  • We prefer small groups

Additional information


Detailed program for the 6 days

The day before
Briefing at 6.30 PM at the guide’s office in Saint Gervais

Day 1
Departure from Villard d’Arène (Pont d’Arsine : 1670 m) a short walk up leads us to the refuge l’Alpe de Villard d’Arene (2077 m). D+ : 400 m

Day 2
Departure from the hut to go up to Plan de l’Alpe and then further to the refuge Adèle Planchard (3170 m). D+ : 1000 m

Day 3
Climb up to Grande Ruine (3765 m) by the normal itinerary the last 100 meters we take of the skis and put on our crampons. Great view on the Ecrin massif and its summits. A magnificent descent awaits, down to  Plan de L’Alpe (1990 m).  A short walk up leads us to the refuge l’Alpe de Villard d’Arene (2077 m). D+ : 600 m, D- : 1770 m, D+ : 80 m.

Day 4
We go towards col d’Arsine, and take a turn to go to Pic Neige Cordier, and further up to the Plate des Agneaux breach. We climb the breach’corridor, 200m with crampons. We follow the north ridge further on to reach Pic de Neige Cordier (3614 m). To the summit and back again on crampons. Over the Emile Pic pass and down the south corridor (possibility to abseil the beginning). Traverse to the west to the Ecrins refuge (3175 m). D+ : 1550 m, D- : 450 m

Day 5
We go up the white glacier and then to Roche Faurio (3730 m). The view on the Ecrins line is impressive. Down to the Glacier Blanc hut (2542 m). D+ : 700 m, D – : 1200 m

Day 6
Ascent of the Calotte des Agneaux (3634 m) by the S. Glacier. We end with crampons on for 200m. Incredible descent on the Casset glacier, a short climb allows us to go the the Réo d’Arsine glacier. We gain the Arsine pass, the refuge de l’Alpe de Villard d’Arène and then Pont d’Arsine. D+ : 1100 m, D – : 2000 m

The guides could be led to change the program depending on the weather conditions, the mountains and the level of the participants.


Donwload the subscription file

Reservations starting early november

Register by filling the registration form dated and signed and with the 30% deposit, plus the optional insurance coverage amounts. Having a repatriation help service coverage is compulsory to attend our trips. If you do not have one, we can offer you one.

For further information, please contact us by mail or by calling +33 (0)4 50 47 76 55 (Saint-Gervais) or  +33 (0)4 50 47 10 08 (Les Contamines). We can help you to realise your projects.